ASUS M5A97 Review - Best Value AM3+ Motherboard

Fan who's searching for the best esteem AM3+ motherboard that backings the most recent Octa Core processor from AMD, there's no other superior to the ASUS M5A97. This board underpins an extensive variety of CPU from Sempron, Athlon II, Phenom II and the most recent FX arrangement processors.

The board is worked under the 900 arrangement chipset stage that is completely good with the most recent Zambezi processor and rest guaranteed it will raced to its maximum capacity. The 970X chip highlighted in this board is practically indistinguishable to 990X and 990FX. They just vary in the quantity of paths accommodated the illustrations, despite the fact that the 970X has less similar abilities can be normal.

Another unmistakable contrasts is the restriction of the SLI design, along these lines, NVidia clients will be tragic in this situation. Be that as it may, in case you're not into multi GPU applications this is very fine for you. The explanation for this is to chop down its cost and offer it to the majority at a low cost.

Try not to misunderstand me on this, shabby doesn't imply that the board is poop. At the cost it offers you can at present do huge amounts of overclocking stuff with the M5A97 to push it further. Other chip include is the renowned SB950 on the Southbridge, this one deals with the interface connectors.

The chip gives six SATA 6GB/s for most extreme information exchange speed with dim shading in vertical position. The 3GB/s is eliminating here no chance to get for moderate information exchange, be that as it may, you can at present utilize it for slower drives because of its full similarity yet you may encounter some gradualness at some occasion.

The looks and connectors

The board looks great in its customary shading in darker and blue mix which is practically the same as the M5A97 Evo yet vary in the quantities of back I/O board connectors. The CPU attachment leaves enough space for a larger than average heatsink on the off chance that you're making arrangements for an OC.

There are four DIMM spaces are pleasantly shading coded in beat up for appropriate blending in double channel arrangements, it underpins up to 32GB of memory module with greatest speed of 2133MHz. They are all around put that doesn't make any diversion when a bigger GPU was populated the realistic port.


The most prominent highlights of all ASUS motherboard is the UEFI BIOS, it's extraordinary to have it even at a deal cost. Inside the BIOS there's an EZ mode that showcases most generally utilized parameters in CMOS settings and the second is the propel mode for experienced client to receive more in return from tweaking. The UEFI BIOS likewise bolsters drives more than 2.2TB limit.

This incorporates an easy to understand programming as Al Suite II for simple overclocking, this is for the DIGI+VRM, EPU, TurboV and fan speed. A double savvy processor EPU and TPU gives you control proficient in this manner boosting its execution while utilizing less power. The MemOK! work is to empower to boot the motherboard regardless of whether there is a memory similarity issues.


As I say some time recently, the ASUS M5A97 is practically indistinguishable to M5A97 Evo they vary just in the quantity of ports and this one have lesser to additionally cut the cost. The Evo amaze us with its near 1GHz OC speed pick up from 3.6GHz to 4.515GHz. In any case, the same correct overclocking ability was normal in this load up because of its stacked OC highlights, for example, the 4+2 power stage.

The board is made of strong outline as we generally suspect from all Asus board yet the value it offers is out of the blue low, as of now accessible at $94, this is uplifting news to all esteem arranged lovers. In case you're not into multi GPU setup and needn't bother with some additional ports this is certainly the greatest value for your money. please click here:

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